Collaborating at Local, State & Federal Levels

Collaborating at Local, State & Federal Levels

Susan G. Komen East Tennessee’s Knoxville Region and Tri-Cities Region were both honored to once again fund the Tennessee Breast and Cervical Screening Program (TBCSP) through the Tennessee Department of Health. Since its inception in 1997, Komen East TN has provided approximately $1.5 million in funding to this critical program.

Komen East TN funding is often used to provide services to women and men who do not meet the standard eligibility requirements for the program. Komen funding, for instance, covers diagnostic services for men who experience symptoms that may indicate a breast cancer diagnosis.

Improving Access to Quality Care

The Tennessee Breast and Cervical Screening Program (TBCSP) has long been committed to excellence. In recent years, program staff and leadership have taken significant, praiseworthy steps to improve their service delivery across the state. The last 3 years have proven successful for TBCSP, and Komen East TN has been excited to partner with program leadership on several of these efforts.

Accomplishments of note:

  • New scheduling and referral processes to get patients seen more quickly
  • Expanded program eligibility to include women ages 65+ who have lack Medicare Part B coverage
  • State funding to cover breast diagnostic services for men (where Komen funding not available)
  • Clarifying state policy to allow for all genders to receive TennCare coverage to pay for breast cancer treatment (provided the individual meets other eligibility requirements)
  • Expanding enrollment sites for TBCSP beyond the county health departments – patients can now be enrolled in the program at an additional 15 imaging facilities and clinics throughout East and Northeast Tennessee!

This last development was just announced this past year! Please see the list of providers at the bottom of this page.

Advocating for State and Federal Resources

Advocating for the TN Breast & Cervical Screening Program with Sen. Marsha Blackburn in Washington, DC (May 2019)

Every spring, the national Komen network joins forces to advocate for key legislation and funding from our Congressmen and Senators in Washington D.C. In May 2019, Komen Advocates included staff from Komen East TN, national research staff based in Nashville, and volunteers from the other two Affiliate offices in Tennessee (Komen Central TN & Komen Memphis/MidSouth Mississippi).

Here were our 4 main requests:

  1. Preserve women’s access to breast cancer screening and diagnostic services by funding the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program at $275 million in the FY20 budget;
  2. Make biomedical research an unwavering national priority by increasing funding for the National Institutes of Health to $41.5 billion in the FY20 budget;
  3. Support the Access to Breast Cancer Diagnosis Act (H.R.2428), which increases access to medically-necessary diagnostic breast imaging by reducing out-of-pocket costs for patients; and
  4. Ensure breast cancer patients can access the treatments they need to save their lives by becoming a cosponsor of the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act, H.R.1730/S.741.

How to Receive Breast Health Care through TBCSP

  • Option 1: Call your county health department to learn more or schedule an appointment (view a list of locations by county)
  • Option 2: Call Komen East TN at 865-588-0902 or 423-765-9313 to learn more and get connected with a local provider
  • Option 3: If you’re an established patient with one of the below TBCSP enrollment sites, contact them to see if you are eligible for this program

List of TBCSP enrollment sites:

  • Blountville Clinic (Blountville, TN)
  • Friends in Need Health Care (Kingsport, TN)
  • Healing Hands Health Center (Bristol, TN)
  • Johnson City Community Health Center (Johnson City, TN)
  • Kingsport Clinic (Kingsport, TN)
  • Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center (Knoxville, TN)
  • Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic (Sevierville, TN)
  • Parkwest Comprehensive Breast Center (Knoxville, TN)
  • Rural Medical Cosby (Newport, TN)
  • Rural Medical Newport (Newport, TN)
  • Rural Medical Parrotsville (Parrotsville, TN)
  • Thompson Comprehensive Breast Center (Knoxville, TN)
  • University Breast Center/UT Medical Center Cancer Institute (Knoxville, TN)