Class of 2016 Pink Tie Guys


This initiative began in 2010 and is designed to involve the gentlemen of our community whose lives have been touched by breast cancer in promoting the message of early detection.

The question is often asked Why 8 guys?  It is simple – In the US, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.

This year, we are focusing not only on awareness and a Pink Tie,  but we are asking these men and everyone in our community to be More than Pink!   Komen has announced a Bold Goal – to decrease breast cancer mortality by 50% in the next decade.  Every year 40,000 women and men die in the US from breast cancer.  That needs to end!  We want folks to do more than just put on a pink ribbon or pink tie and say they support the fight against breast cancer!  We want them to be More than Pink! How?

  1. Act – tell your stories of early detection; get screened when needed; and support the women and men who are battling breast cancer.
  2. Donate – time, money, and/or encouragement. Lindsey Caldwell, a forever fighter, said it best when asked how people can help –  you know if you have money, donate. Or ask others to support you. If you don’t have money, you can give of your time – time to volunteer at Komen East TN; time to encourage and love those who are battling. We believe giving hope is free but the return on investment is exponential!
  3. Get Involved – speak out about breast cancer and early detection; speak out about Komen East TN and good things we are doing in our community. Register for Race for the Cure (October 22 click here to register), attend our Boob B Que in August or Shoot for the Cure in March.

The Pink Movement has come a long way in almost 35 years, led by Susan G. Komen. Every step, every dollar, and every voice matters. And now we are setting a bold new course. These “guys” you are about to read about are leading the way. They are fighting for the women in their lives who have fought before them, their “Warriors” if you will.  We invite each of you to join us in the fight against breast cancer.

As you read below about the Class of 2016 Pink Tie Guys, they share THEIR stories about how breast cancer has impacted each of their lives. In these stories you will hear about the warriors and their battles.  Each of these men is taking a stand and is More than Pink! Will you?

Class of 2016

Darren Amador  Store Operations Manager, Walgreens

Charley Bible Vice President of Operations, KaTom

Kelly Disney Loan Officer, Enrichment Federal Credit Union

Mike Fontinell Enviromental Manager, J.M. Huber Corporation

Doug Kirchhofer CEO, Boyd Sports – Tennessee Smokies

Marty Millsaps  Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, DEX Media

Ralph Skinner Senior Technical Consultant, URS, C2HM of Oak Ridge

Dan Thompson Senior Research Analyst, 451 Research

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