Our Community Need

Komen East TN conducts a needs assessment to guide our priorities and work more effectively within the community. The needs assessment includes an overview of demographic and breast cancer statistics that highlight target areas, groups or issues. Komen East TN then uses the the needs assessment to make informed decisions on how the Affiliate can use its resources to make the greatest impact on breast cancer in the area through the awarding of local grants for screening and patient assistance programs. Funding for local grants is then aligned with the most significant needs in the community.

About every 5 years, a community needs assessment is revised to reflect changes in the community, allowing the Affiliate to identify any gaps in the health system and to work toward filling them. Analysis of Komen East TN’s service area in the community needs assessment includes the voices of those living in target areas. The completed product is an assessment of the state of breast health in our community and a plan of action in order to improve it.

This Community Profile was completed in the Summer of 2015. While the Knoxville Region and Tri-Cities Region reports were initially done separately, before the two affiliates joined forces to become Komen East TN, the reports have since been combined into a single document.

Komen East TN 2015 Community Profile Report

Funding Priorities

The 16-county Knoxville Region and 8-county Tri-Cities region will be separately funded in the 2019-20 grantmaking cycle. Priority will be given to programs that serve individuals from the following target communities:

  • In the Knoxville Region: Claiborne, Morgan, Roane, and Union Counties
  • In the Tri-Cities Region: Greene and Hawkins Counties

1. Screening/Diagnostic Services

Programs that provide access and reduce barriers to breast screening and diagnostic services for uninsured, underinsured and medically-underserved individuals in Komen East Tennessee’s 24-county service area.

2. Financial Assistance for Patients in Treatment

Programs that reduce barriers to progressing through the continuum of care for breast cancer treatment by providing financial assistance to meet basic needs (e.g.: rent/mortgage, groceries, utilities, transportation/gas cards, etc.).

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