BB&T Team formed to honor survivor and co-worker Carol

BB&T Staff with Carol (middle)

In early February Komen staff, Lori, stopped by BB&T in Bristol to thank them for their sponsorship of the 2019 Tri-Cities Race for the Cure.   Lori was greeted in the lobby by Carol, who when she saw the Komen name tag, got up and took me to the office of the person who I had requested to see.  The two chatted on the way upstairs, but she no made no mention of being a breast cancer survivor.

When Lori began to thank Samantha for their support, it was revealed that the reason BB&T choose to participate was in support of Carol.   Samantha said that Carol would be celebrating 5 years of survival and the end of her treatment in June of this year.   Not only did they want to support Komen as a Race sponsor this year, they planned to pay for their employees to join the BB&T team to run and walk in Carol’s honor.

Lori then asked if Carol might share her story. Here is what she said:

“As a breast cancer survivor this was not my first dealings with Cancer. My precious mother died at the young age of 44 leaving behind 4 children and a husband. I can remember on May 17, 2013, my 45th birthday,  a thought crossed my mind that I had made it past the age that mother died, I even mentioned it to my younger sister when she called to wish me Happy Birthday.  I had found a spot a few years before I was diagnosed, had even mentioned it to the doctor and was told it was just a swollen milk duct, so trusting him I just let it grow.

In my mind I never once thought that I would hear the word Cancer! But after making several doctor appointments which I would end up canceling, I finally made one because my husband told me that if I didn’t make one and keep it he would make it and take me. So reluctantly I made it, and yes I made it to the appointment. I can remember my husband saying do you want me to go with you, my reply was no and looking at him I said are you afraid its cancer? He said no just wanted to know if you wanted me to go with you, oh how I wish that I had taken him up on that offer.

I can remember the doctor coming back in after he had checked me ran a few test looking at me and saying that word CANCER. We made a plan which consist of more test the next day and surgery on the following Monday which was the 5th day of August 2013. That was a day!! I woke up from the surgery and the first thing I ask the nurse was is it cancer? She said the doctor would be in to talk to me once I got back to my room, my husband came in before the doctor and answered my question.  From that day on was a journey that I will never forget. Ten long months of treatments 16 chemo and 35 radiation treatments. But on June 9th, 2014 was a day of celebration I was through with my treatments!!

I know that a lot of people would tell you how bad it was and it was, but I have my faith in God, my family and friends, and a good company (BB&T) who truly cared and supported me.  I could have never made it through any of this without  my Faith, Family, and Friends

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