Patient Financial Assistance Program

Komen East TN aims to provide financial assistance to meet basic needs (e.g.: rent/mortgage, groceries, utilities, transportation/gas cards, etc.) while patients are going through breast cancer treatment.

By reducing the financial burdens associated with cancer treatment it reduces patients stopping treatment plans, bankruptcy claims and mortality.  In addition to providing direct financial assistance, the Affiliate will also provide patients with a list of other resources for financial assistance.

Program Eligibility:

  • Patient must reside in 24 county Affiliate service area.
  • Must be in active treatment for breast cancer, as defined & certified by healthcare provider.
  • There are no financial eligibility criteria. Patient will not have to provide proof of household income.

While we know that this program alone cannot overcome the entirety of the financial burdens faced by local breast cancer patients, patients will receive nearly immediate relief of their most pressing need(s), such as transportation assistance or paying for basic living expenses.  To extend and supplement program funding, we will maximize patient use of existing sources of aid in the community via referrals to resources such as food banks or the federal LiHEAP program. Resource referrals will be provided when a patient is ineligible, has needs can be better met by another community resource, or has financial needs that cannot be resolved through this program alone.

Financial toxicity is the result of a combination of factors, rather than the direct result of low household income. With the consideration that other factors, including high deductibles, Medicare/Medicaid enrollment, treatment plan, demographics and non-medical living costs contribute to a patient’s financial toxicity regardless of baseline income, there will be no financial eligibility to receive assistance through this program.

To learn more or to apply for assistance email or call one of our offices:  Knoxville- 865.588.0902, Tri-Cities- 423.765.9313.

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