Team Spotlight – Cruisin’ for Susan

We, at Komen, always talk about how we love to see the community come together at Race to support survivors and forever fighters.  This team is an amazing example of just that! They are a new team, created to rally around a friend!

Patty, a fitness instructor, has held a fitness class with a group of ladies three times a week for the past 2.5 years.  During that time, these ladies have grown to be close friends.  They even began meeting socially outside of class.  In April of this year their friend, Susan, was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Susan’s journey began like most – she had her mammogram in January.  Following that mammogram she had an ultrasound and a MRI.  Her diagnosis of breast cancer came in April.  Since her diagnosis she has finished a summer of chemo treatments, had a unilateral mastectomy and is scheduled to start radiation in a couple weeks.   Patty admitted Susan has been such a trooper through this whole journey.   Also adding that Susan is such a sweet, good person and very active in her community.

Because of their friendship and love for Susan, Patty and the other classmates decided they wanted to do something for Susan to show their support. One of their group suggested they participate in the Knoxville Race for the Cure.  Patty was designated as the team captain.   But they didn’t stop with their small core fitness group.   They knew that Susan was a member of several other groups in the community: a knitting group, Boco group and Pickle Ball group.  They have reached out to each of these groups! Even though they really don’t know each other, they knew and supported Susan! So they have all come together as team “Cruisin’ for Susan”.  They are presently at 24 members, which 2 are also breast cancer survivors. 

They didn’t stop there though, they have held community fundraisers which included a yard sale at the local farmer’s market and a rock painting party at their local community center.  As of 9/26 they have raised $3,106 as a team!

Also, they have submitted their team t-shirt for the Team t-shirt contest (deadline is October 4) so be watching our Facebook the week of October 7 so you can see their beautiful design along with the other submissions.

When asked about the community support she has received so far, Susan remarked, “This has been such a bright spot in such a dark time in my life”.   She credits Patty, as her fitness instructor, for having made her so strong before her chemo and continuing to help her keep her strength throughout this journey.

Susan and her team will be out on Race day to walk the 5K with her in support. They want to invite you join them and the others from our community in support of someone you know who has battled or continues to battle breast cancer.

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